Creation of an online catalog about the exhibition Narrating stories, building memories: the artist book and its process at Club Athletico Paulistano in São Paulo - SP, containing all of the photographs - exhibition space and artworks - alongside the curatorial text and artist biographies.

Artworks by: 
Cristina Bottallo, Christina Parisi, Fabiola Notari, Irene Guerreiro, Lídice Salgot, Marcia Rosenberger, Margarida Holler, Marisa Garcia de Souza, Renata Danicek, Sandra Lopes, Zilamar Takeda.

Curatorial project: Fabiola Notari
Honored Artists: Lucimar Bello and Luise Weiss
Photographs and graphic design: Marina Alves
Year: 2018

Special thanks:

Cultural Director - Renata Julianelli
Former Cultural Director - Heloisa Barros
Cultural Maneger - Silvana Marani
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